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Surface Popper 60mm, 7g

Item Code: 300050
Price:  $7.95

Surface Popper 60mm, 7g

Item Code: 300050
Price:  $7.95
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Surface Popper



Semi Translucent Finish

6 x colours

Nicley weighted and a great all round size, this surfacde popper is a great option for Bream and Bass. Best results are acheived while using a twitch and pause retrieve. Don't be afraid to let the lure pause for extended periods, up to 10 - 15 seconds, as this can be when the biggest hits come.


With the right action through the rod you can also walk-the-dog with this lure. Both retrieves consistently catch Bream and Bass. However if you use a constant retrieve, while maintaining a wobble through your rod, you can catch Whiting with this lure also.


They feature a semi translucent finish for a look great and quality VMC hooks.