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Madmics Ribbedworms 100mm

Madmics Ribbedworms 100mm

Price: $ 9.90
Item: Ribbedworm
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Madmic’s Ribbedworm



Durable floating material


Now with 8 fish approved colours

6 per bag

When selecting your colours, abbreviate the names as below:


Bloodworm  - BW

Zombie        -ZB

Dirtyworm   - DW

Old Cola      - OC

Motor Oil     - MO

Sweetheart  - SH

Leprechaun  - LC

Toffee Apple - TA


These lures are just dynamite! Your local estuary species such as Bream, Flathead, Trevally and a host of others will simply find these lures irresistible! Offshore species like Snapper and Sweetlip will also find it hard to pass a well presented Madmic's Ribbedworm. 


They are made from a super durable material which means these lures keep catching fish, after fish, after fish!

The ribbed design gives a great texture for the fish and they have been known to hit these lures more than once before getting hooked.


The ribes on these lures are deep and you can load them up with your favourite scent for that little bit extra if desired, however they are prescented. The material these lures are made from floats on water, this means when your jighead is on the bottom the lures tail is bobbing along in the current to attract the nearest predator.


Strong and durable but most of all they catch heaps of fish, now that there are 8 colours in the Madmic's Ribbed Lure Range there will be a colour that suits your local fish. Find yours today and start catching more fish per Soft Plastic with Madmic's Ribbed Lures.