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Madmics Ribbedfish 85mm

Item Code: Ribbedfish
Price:  $9.90 – $20.00

Madmics Ribbedfish 85mm

Item Code: Ribbedfish
Price:  $9.90 – $20.00
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Madmic’s Ribbedfish



Super durable and super buoyant material

Now with 8 fish approved colours

6 per bag

How to retrieve Madmic's Soft Plastics

Super easy Braid to leader knot for beginners

When selecting your colours, abbreviate the names as below:


Bloodworm  - BW

Zombie        -ZB

Dirtyworm   - DW

Old Cola      - OC

Motor Oil     - MO

Sweetheart  - SH

Leprechaun  - LC

Toffee Apple - TA




Madmic's Ribbed Fish is a great all-round soft plastic, if not the best. One of my favourite Flathead lures as it continues to produce great fish consistently for me however don't let that fool you; the humble Flathead is not the only fish to fall victim to a Madmic's Ribbed Fish.


Madmic’s Ribbed Fish are made from a strong floating material so your lure will lie off the bottom with the tail in the current wriggling to attract whatever swims by.


If you are moving from one fishing spot to another close by, don't bother winding your plastic in! Just let it hang out the back of the boat about 20 - 25 meters in shallow water (>1m) and troll as slow as you can and get ready because something might just grab a hold. Many different species have been caught trolling Madmic's Ribbedfish and as well as casting them.


During testing I was able to catch many Flathead on a single soft plastic before I had to put on a new one, almost only if I wanted to change my lure colour the be perfectly honest. These really are a great lure at a great price.


And now in 8 fish approved colours there is bound to be a Madmic's Ribbed Lure that works in your local waterway, find your colour today!