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Madmics Madshad 90mm 6.2g

Madmics Madshad 90mm 6.2g

Price: $ 9.90
Item: Madshad
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Madmic’s Madshad



Durable material

4 x Great colours

6 per bag

When selecting your colours, abbreviate the names as below:


Sweetheart     - SH

Pumpkin Eater - PE

Snowstorm     - GH

Burnt Gold      - BG



Madmic’s Madshad Soft Plastic Lure has a great action through the water. You can really feel the tail beating as you work the rod, it is any wonder that fish come from far and wide to see what the commotion is and nail the lure. 


Made from strong and durable materials like all the Madmic's Soft Plastic's Range you can count on this lure catching many fish before you think about changing it. With great colours they are perfect for your tackle box.


These are another lure that will work in both the estuaries and the inshore reefs for species such as Flathead, Mulloway, Snapper and some small pelagics to name a few.