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100m Braid Coloured 2.3kg/5lb

Item Code: 400102
Price:  $12.95

100m Braid Coloured 2.3kg/5lb

Item Code: 400102
Price:  $12.95
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2.3kg / 5lb

Dia: 0.08mm

4 Strand Braid

100% US PE Dyneema







Braided lines have really become another important factor in modern lure fishing. The extra casting distance given by these super thin yet super strong lines is second to none. Braided lines have zero stretch so anything that happens at the hook end you instantly feel through your rod, most important for all lure fishing however soft plastics in particular. Madmic’s has selected the latest PE fibre braided line from the US. It is a soft subtle line with a super thin profile allowing it to cut though the air the cast light lures effortlessly.

Available in spool sizes 100m & 300m, weights from 5lb to 14lb and 2 colours, green and multi coloured. The multi coloured has colours running at 10m intervals which I have found quite handy for working out how much line to put out while trolling lures. It’s different for all lures and has helped me increase my catch rate.